Motion Graphic Samples

Enhance your brands appearance to new levels or marketability.

Welcome to West Coast Live Media

We use cutting edge technology and state of the art methods to tell your story.

Live Shot | Live Streaming

Broadcasting using 5G-based field production

Real Estate Videos | Live Stream Showcases

Selling your listing in record time with a live walk through.

Production Editing & Graphics

Post Production & Brand Design

We invest in only the best technology

Giving you the finest quality is the peak of what we provide

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West Coast Live Media Drones

Drone videography providing amazing new perspectives to the marketing industry.

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Land Surveying & Building Inspection

Providing a birds eye view to property inspections, improving agriculture, wild life conservation & accident investigation using 4k video & photography.

Film production

Creating dynamic cinematic shots with steady drone pilot.

Real Estate Media

Providing you beautiful property photography and video for the best showcase.

Live Drone Feed

Capturing live footage to any social media or studio broadcast.

Our team of professional video makers will elevate your vision.

We built the best team in the world from the ground up.

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We stand by our work as the best for your business.

From video production, graphic design, social media marketing & management.

Welcome to West Coast Live Media Productions

Producing artists vision with dynamic music videos.

Live and taped performances

Creating high powered videos!

Motion Graphic Animation & Video Brochure

We have spent years perfecting ourselves in graphic & motion graphic design.

Let us create your graphic!

Live Streaming | Live Shots

A full-service team for your live production.

Post-Production Editing

Taking your content and creating dynamic finished products.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Providing experience & diversity to your brand to reach potential customers.