J. Gabriel Torres Jr. | President-CEO

Producer | Broadcast Engineer | Director | Editor

Over 25 years of media production experience…

Since 1992 Gabe began his broadcasting career as a morning DJ for an alternative radio station in WNY. Served with the 82nd Airborne Parachute Infantry Division. Returning to broadcasting to fulfill many roles as a Director and a Technical Production Engineering for Emmy Award winning teams such as MSNBC & Time Warner Cable News. Has also provided consultation and production engineering support for organizations as Bloomberg TV, Time Inc., Arise TV News & Entertainment, NHL, NBA, NFL, Quintar.ai & Intel Sports.

Chris Thomas | VP of Marketing Technology

Web Designer | SEO | Web Marketing Specialist

Over 25 years of Military Intelligence & Web Development/Security experience…

An Air Force Veteran, Chris conducted Technical Support in Cyber Intelligence for the government. A leader in interactive video, audio enhancement, graphic design, web development, photographic color correction, e-commerce strategies & IT systems direction. Has provided support for organizations such as Time Warner Cable, Wegmans, Allstate Insurance, L3 Harris, Raytheon, SMT (Sports Media Technology) & Intel Sports. His experience has helped provide creative direction and implementation in all facets of both traditional and multimedia marketing.

Johnny Ritchie Lindamood | Director of Photography

Director | Editor | Musician

Over 19 years of music and media production…

A BA. Graduate of Cinematography, Film & Production Design at the University of Indiana. A talented musician and avid vinyl collector. Johnny Lindamood has a calculated style of direction with a superb eye for cinematography. His experience has contributed to companies like Mack Sennett Studios, Sunset Studios, and Fender Musical Productions as a Studio Production Manager. Directing music videos for several independent artists. His craft began as an early Director of Photography, and assistant to Director Hamish Hamilton for the 2013 Super Bowl Half-Time show featuring Beyoncé.

Deanna Kaszuba | Director of Digital Marketing & Design

Designer | Marketing | Editor

Over 20 years of marketing and design experience…

An amazingly artistic talent. Dee is a consummate collaborator, especially with creative work that helps impact and change the world. A marketing tactician, her leadership has directed companies to their next level in brand development. Her experience creates results and is the success of many projects. Dee believes creativity must be expressed, not suppressed, and that there is tremendous value when that voice is finally communicated to the world. Through her work in graphics, design, web development, and social media creations.

Paul Staphorsius | Cinematographer & Technical Production

Engineer | Videographer | Editor

Over 15 years of television production experience…

A talented multimedia magician. Also providing videography & field engineer support. Paul’s experience has been on full display in professional sports. He’s been on many fields shooting for the likes of the Oakland Raiders & PAC12 and Intel Sports True View & True VR. His versatility has crossed over as a videographer/editor for Pro Angle Media and FishEye Films.

Javier Torres | Creative Director & Editor

Cinematographer | Editor

Talent Rising!…

BA. Graduate of Cinematography & Film/Video Productions at the University of Rochester. A talented musician and independent filmmaker of the short film titled “Finding Ramses”.

Media Marketing & Broadcast Production Professionals

We have spent years perfecting our marketing talents in news, sports & branding.

Live Stream & Remote Live Shots

Capturing moments live and broadcasting to all forms of social media platforms. 5G Broadband live stream. LIVEU Remote Broadcast uplink.

Post Production Editing

Our team of editors create unique videos catering to your goals and vision in mind.

Brand Development & Marketing

Managing and creating dynamic marketing packages for brand awareness and marketability.