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Have your next project stand out and capture your demographic with a edited video & photography promo.

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New York morning show 2020

Film production

Premios feroz music festival 2019

Live events

Esports 2020 competition live event


We invest in only the best technology

Giving you the finest quality is the mountain top of what we provide

Production Services

Drone footage

Providing high resolution 4K footage for unique video & photography content.

Film production

On the set of Joseph Knight’s new movie

Live Steaming Events

Broadcasting concerts, conferences, & real estate showcases

Music videos

Behind the scene of Purely Blue music video

West Coast Live Media Drones

We are your eyes in the skies! We provide you with the best view to support your business using the latest drone tech for media productions & photography.

Live performance

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Film production

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Music video editing

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Digital content

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Our team is world famous

We built the best team in the world from the ground up

We stand by our work as the best in the business

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The industry finest content creators

We have spent years perfecting ourselves to bring you the best.

Scripted Productions

Post Production Editing

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